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Moshi Kids


For the past several years, we have collaborated closely with Moshi Kids, conducting comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analyses on the app's  effectiveness within PreK-3rd grade settings.


Through multiple pilot studies, we have gathered invaluable insights, and we are currently in the process of pursuing grant funding to further enhance the app in alignment with the specific needs of educators and students.

Moshi Kids holds a significant place within the Mindful in Memphis mission, as it serves as a mindfulness-based application that is freely available to educators. This accessibility ensures that our research and the app itself remain within reach of underserved populations.


Join us in our mission to empower children with essential life skills by promoting mindfulness education in schools and after-school programs. With our extensive background in academia and industry, we understand the significance of equipping children with tools for self-awareness and self-regulation.

We are dedicated to researching and refining accessible methods to teach mindfulness to children of all ages. By donating through our donation page, you can support our efforts to make this education widely available and impactful. Learn more about our current projects below and contribute to our cause today!

Moshi's Educational Program

Educators can visit the Educator page to sign up for their free account. If you are an educator interested in partnering with us for research, please email us! For additional information, please visit Moshi Kids or reach out to us via email.


Mindfulness Based SEL Interventions for Tweens and Teens


We have  forged collaborative partnerships with local high schools to conduct an in-depth exploration of the current emotional intelligence needs among high school students, particularly pertinent with mental health on the rise in this age group. This initiative involves a systematic examination of various dimensions of emotional intelligence (EQ) and its correlation with technology usage patterns. Our primary objective in undertaking this research is to identify and implement effective strategies aimed at promoting the development of healthy technology habits and equipping tweens and teens with essential coping mechanisms, which they can carry into adulthood.

We are presently in the preliminary stages of this research endeavor and actively pursuing funding support. This assistance is crucial not only for advancing to the subsequent phases of our research but also for facilitating partnerships with a broader spectrum of high schools, both within our local community and across the nation.

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