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Imagine if Your Younger Self Had this Explainer on Feeling Your Feels

By Mallika Chopra

"Part of growing up and living a healthy life is figuring out how to find the right balance ..."


LeBron James Touts Mental Fitness and Partners with Calm App

By Josh Peter

"'It calmed my mind ... at the times of just being a human a stressful world ...'"

Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 12.27.40

How Meditation Changes the Brain

By the Mindworks Team @

"Did you know that simply sitting and breathing mindfully can significantly change the brain? It's true!"


Can Meditation Improve your Health? Here's What to Know

By Markham Heid

"... the whole 'empty your mind' thing is a misconception ..."


How Meditation Helps You Handle Stress Better

By Mandy Oakland

"Stress is a modern mental bogeyman, keeping nearly half Americans up at night ..."


What Happens When Meditation Replaces 

School Detention

By Andres A.Gonzalez

"Results for this program have been remarkable."


Male Spirituality and the Second Half of Life

By Mark Muesse, PhD

"I am persuaded that the second half of life can be the better half because it offers the opportunity for genuine freedom."


Mind-FULL or Mind-LESS?

By Chanda Murphy, PhD

Ever wonder why we call it being "mindful" when we are actually trying to free our minds of all the chatter? Click below to find out more.


Being Present: Jon Kabat-Zinn

By Heidi Wachter, 

Renowned mindfulness teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn on the art of overcoming distractions and reconnecting to who you really are.

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