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The Memphis Zen Community

The Memphis Zen Community exists to further the study the practice of Zen in the Soto tradition, as taught by founder Dogen Zenji (1200-1253). We place special emphasis on the practice of zazen (sitting meditation) in the shikantaza ("just sitting") style. If you live in Memphis, please join us. Newcomers are always welcome.

We meet for weekly practice each Monday 5:45-7:15 PM

Memphis Friends Meeting House (Quaker)

3387 Walnut Grove Road

Memphis, TN 38111

Zazen is a silent practice that has analogs in all major world religions and thus knows no conflict with other traditions. All are welcome. Come experience the quiet place inside yourself, or maybe visit that place for the first time.

Visit us on the web at www.memphiszen.orgWe are an affiliate of the Atlanta Soto Zen Center, under the guidance of Zen teacher Taiun Michael Elliston, Roshi, abbot of the Moku-rai Order. If you would like to find out more about Zen practice in this tradition, check out the book Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind by Shunryu Suzuki or Hardcore Zen by Brad Warner.

"Do not follow the ideas of others, but learn to listen to the voice within yourself. Your body and mind will become clear and you will realize the unity of all things." 
- Dogen Zenji, 1200-1253

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